Wildfire wins Best Integrated Campaign Of The Year at Restaurant Marketer & Innovator awards

We are proud to have worked with our client The Jugged Hare on the ‘The Call of the Wild’ campaign, which was awarded Best Integrated Campaign Of The Year at Restaurant Marketer & Innovator awards.

The Brief

We were briefed by ETM Group with the challenge to drive awareness of the famed game restaurant The Jugged Hare’s new menu revamp, as well as to attract new audiences to the venue.

The insight

Many factors lead consumers to select a venue. According to a report by Sacla, in order of effect, these factors include Word of Mouth, recommendations from family, previous experiences, proximity, and online reviews.

But demand for the novel, alongside our complicated lives makes it hard for consumers to form brand habits – such as repeat visits to a favourite pub.

The campaign

We proposed to overcome the paradox of choice by showing deep empathy for our customers’ differing needs of a venue – from a place to work, to a place to change a nappy, to a place to brag about.

We crafted a unifying brand campaign that covered a suite of experiences and social activations matched to the different needs people have at different times in their days and weeks.

Our ambition was to “Make the right people fall ‘back’ in love with ETM by bringing the brand closer to the real and shared experiences of others. We needed to change perception and invite vocal influencers into our world and demonstrate our understanding of people’s differing needs of a venue, alongside our high-quality offering. We developed a two-pronged approach that combined the forces of ‘brand comms’ i.e. paid ads, alongside consumer-driven stories, i.e. earned reach kick-started by lifestyle influencers.

Call of The Wild was our overarching creative idea that was designed to inspire a year-long campaign of activity across different touchpoints including social, print, OOO and email. For the Jugged Hare specifically, we wanted to invite customers to take part in traditions the venue was known for, but with a twist. Bold experiences that bring them to life in a beautiful way.

We kicked off the campaign with a Plumasserie event – the art of making exquisite objects from bird feather. On the 21st May, with a limited budget, The Jugged Hare ran its first ever influencer event combining the best in game cuisine with the event. Piers Atkinson was the host, milliner to the stars (Beyoncé, Lady Gaga and Kate Moss, to name a few.) The objective of the event was to raise awareness to a new audience around the venue and the updated menu and to provide benchmark data for future similar types of activations.

The Results

  • 14 influencers attended the workshop and menu tasting. Overall the feedback was super positive of both the workshop and food tasting.
  • 10 individual Insta-stories which featured a combination of footage of both the workshop and the food.
  • Influencer posts generated 2,966 likes and 165 comments. The newsfeed posts each included a unique code that allowed future visitors to The Jugged Hare to receive a free bottle of house wine with a meal.

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