We’ve won the WARC Grand Prix & a Cannes Lion for The People’s Seat Campaign!

We are proud to announce that the ‘The People’s Seat’ campaign for the United Nations won a WARC Grand Prix in Effective Social Strategy as well as a Gold Lion at the Cannes Lions Awards. Working with a Grey London and WPP team, the Wildfire Team used social listening to uncover the insights feeding the creative idea and an optimised spent for a global reach.

Briefed with increasing the UN’s awareness as an active platform for change, we had to shift the UN from representation to participation to help the organisation connect with people.  The Wildfire team worked in partnership with Grey London as the social research, insights partner and social media buyer on the campaign.

We were excited to work this campaign for the United Nations, using our social listening expertise and showing how social media can drive a global campaign that taps into grassroots activism and lets the people of the world have their say on climate change.

The insight

Social listening identified climate change as the biggest issue facing the world in 2019, and the campaign was built on one simple insight, people expect to have their voice heard on the issues that matter to them.

While the target audience wasn’t defined by age, gender, or geography, it was united by the desire to impact social change. Research revealed that worldwide, people feel that climate change is the greatest issue facing humanity, and that people want to take personal action on climate change but don’t know how.

The campaign

The People’s Seat campaign brought people’s idea and thoughts on climate change to the UN plenary, connecting real social media conversations to a world leaders with influence and the power to change the status quo. At each key conference, a spokesperson delivered a speech directly to the delegates in the room and livestreamed on Facebook for the whole world to see. The speeches was entirely written from  the people’s ‘voice’ – the thoughts and opinions we sourced across social media using social listening tools and tracking the hashtag #TakeYourSeat.

David Attenborough was chosen as the people’s spokesperson to deliver the speech at the UN, as this iconic broadcaster resonates across generations and capture media attention.

The second phase of the campaign was to develop a Messenger bot for people to interact with the UN. Hosted on Facebook Messenger, it connects people directly to the UN, enabling one-to-one conversations at scale. The ActNow.bot is a fully interactive and responsive bot that communicates up to 10 simple actions based on information users provide. A progress card within the bot tracks the number of actions taken by each users and highlights the total number of actions around the world.

The results of the campaign showed the power of user generated content and how social and conversations can shape a successful strategy:

  • 128,000 people participated in the online polls across Instagram and Twitter.
  • 17,000 authors on Twitter and Instagram used #TakeYourSeat to participate to the conversation.
  • Over half a million people watched the speech live (at 10am on a Monday) and 14% of people who watched the Facebook Live video took action (searching or posting about topics related to the campaign on Facebook platforms).

Our optimised media buying strategy also gave fantastic results on a small budget:

  • The launch video inviting people to participate received 9.3 million impressions on the UNFCCC Facebook page in the first week.
  • The campaign was seen by over 7 million people on Facebook for 10 seconds or more.

Take Your Seat more than ever illustrate our Wildfire ethos, showing that in a world of consumers act as a media for brands and causes, nothing is more influential than real stories about real people and their experiences.

The campaign connected the people directly to the United Nations – real ideas and thoughts from social listening were brought to the table, giving users the power to communicate with this forum with high influence and power. The user-generated content collected from social media, where users communicate without formality has shown to be extremely powerful to the client and stakeholders.

We couldn’t be more proud of our second WARC Grand Prix win, following our very first WARC Grand Prix win at the Word of Mouth marketing awards for Aquafresh Iso-Active.

If you want to find out about how social listening can help you uncover the best insights, contact olivia.clarkson@createwildfire.com