The Social Partners to speak at WOMMnext 2014 in Chicago

Next week sees our Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Ivan Palmer presenting a session at WOMMnext in Chicago. Here’s a snippet from the session. And remember to look out for a WOMMnext download upon his return.

Session Title: New Research: The Rise of Big Conversationalists
Content Type: Breakout, Big Company/Budget, Small Business, Other
Target Audience: Brand owners and marketers
Session Description: Marketers have long since recognized the power of word of mouth (WOM) over and above any active marketing, and have been keen to understand how to tap into this power to promote product sales. There are many varying but largely consistent accepted models of how WOM spreads from Icons and Experts through Influencers and Connectors to the Mainstream. But to date nobody has really looked at the impact that modern technology — namely online channels and social media — has had on the WOM journey. This report, compiled by Crowd DNA and The Social Partners, explores just that. It examines the hybrid way that people spread WOM messaging using a combination of online and offline channels, and in particular looks at the effect this has had on the traditional typologies involved in spreading the word.

To find out more information on WOMMnext and see the full press release visit the WOMMA site.