Social Media Week – Facebook Marketing ROI with Engage Sciences

Today I was lucky enough to sit on a panel as part of Social Media Week in London. Prior to the panel session Dan from, Carie from the humane society of the US and Tajel from Nokia spoke about how their organisations are using Social Media (mainly Facebook with some Twitter) to drive ROI for their organisations.

Dan from Play gave a presentation showing how the e-trailer uses Facebook to drive people from fan to customer and shared some interesting stats on how effective that work had been in increasing the value of customers.  Carie from HSUS gave a talk about the way they’ve organised internally to engage in Social Media and the tactics they use in order to drive engagement.  Finally Tajel ran through how Nokia is trying to socialise the business and how they are using technology and creative to gain success on Facebook.

After these three great presentations were finished we moved on to the panel where myself and Ben from hypernaked joined the speakers to discuss issues such as the ROI of Social Media and how to get value from a Facebook community.  Led by Michael from Engage Sciences the panel was asked about how to convince CEOs of the value of Social to the business, how to create loyalty in fans and what the next steps are for Social Media to take it to the next level.

In terms of convincing business of the value of Social I felt it was important to try and use the same measures that the business was used to looking at in order to show the impact that Social Media is having.  For many clients this might be expressed in terms of impact on brand metrics such as Net Promoter Score.

We went on to discuss loyalty within Facebook communities and how this can be grown and harnessed.  I felt there were two key issues here – one was that too many organisations planned to acquire fans and then go on and engage them when it’s really necessary to plan for engagement from day one so that people have plenty of opportunity to interact with the community and start to build a relationship beyond the activity that brought them to the page in the first place.  Secondly I suggested we should have a clear understanding of who is in our community and who we want to build loyalty with and then use insight and data to create activities that will appeal to them.

After some questions from the audience it was time to wrap it up – hopefully it was stimulating for everyone, I certainly enjoyed being part of it.

You can view the whole event on livestream at