Social Media Week 2013 is coming to The Social Partners in London

Social media week is a bi-annual event that takes place over several cities across the planet to celebrate Social media in all its guises. The largest worldwide event of its kind takes place during September 23-27 2013 and will be coming to London, UK.

The Social Partners will be playing host to 9 sessions in Hatton Garden consisting of a mix of interactive panel discussions and keynote speakers spanning areas of culture, sociology and business. The Social Partners with Crowd DNA will also be premiering our landmark research on the path to purchase and the people who influence it in our “Big Conversationalists” session. All sessions are free to attend and we have a fantastic Speaker line up.


Speaker list

Andrew Crysell – Founder & Managing director @ Crowd DNA
Andrew Hill – Management editor @ Financial Times
Bernie Mitchell – Serial connector @ TEDx, London bloggers meetup & Tagtribe
Cat Jones – Director of product innovation @ Unruly
Chris Hirst – CEO @ Grey London
Chris Kelly – Founder @ WE R Interactive & Bigballs Films
Chris Quigley – Co-founder & Managing director @ VAN & Rubber Republic
Christophe Langlois – Social media planner @ The Social Partners
Dave Coplin – Chief envisioning officer @ Microsoft
David Cushman – Strategy partner @ The Social Partners
Dorothy Mead – Head of marketing @ Blur Group
Ian Robin – EMEAR strategic accounts director @ Hootsuite
Ivan Palmer – Founder & Chief strategy officer @ The Social Partners
John Lamphiere – Regional director @ Facebook
Kate Bussmann – Author
Ken Cho – Founder @ Spredfast
Kevin Mathers – Managing director @ YouTube
Kwai Chi – Marketing director @ The Social Partners
Mark Earls – Author
Sarah Platt – Managing director @ Kinura, Co-founder @ Sayansho

To book a place on one of our free sessions, please visit or click on the links attributed to each of the sessions below:

Monday 23rd September 10.30am-12.00pm

Future of video

Session link

This session will also be live streamed

From Gangnam Style to Harlem Shake, online video has truly become mainstream media. Our interactive panel session aims to explore what’s next for video as our lives are increasingly on the go and mobile. From the session, expect to come away with fresh knowledge of how online video platforms like YouTube will be used in future. This session is useful for anyone in business with an interest in video.


Monday 23rd September 1.00pm-2.30pm

Open Business: 21st Century Organisations

Session link

This session will also be live streamed

Open Business is an approach to enterprise that draws on themes such as Open Data, Networked-Organisations, Crowd-Funding and Collaboration. The approach places value on transparency, stakeholder inclusion, accountability and trust. Our interactive panel will be discussing the highs and lows of designing and delivering an open culture against a resistance of corporate normality. This is useful for business leaders who want to explore open business principles for their business.


Monday 23rd September 3.30pm-4.30pm

Big Conversationalists

Session link

This session will also be live streamed

Crowd DNA and The Social Partners have spent 3 months exploring the way people spread WOM (Word of Mouth) messaging through a combination of offline and online channels and in particular looks at the effect this has on traditional typologies in spreading the word.


Tuesday 24th September 1.00pm-2.00pm

The future bank is social, open & crowdsourced

Session link

We’re witnessing what’s potentially the most profound technology-driven transformation the banking industry has ever experienced. And the really potent game-changer is the social media. There’s no turning back: someone opened Pandora’s Box long ago, and it’s now time to get the basics right. People are now behaving differently when they bank, pay or manage their money. They don’t necessarily have the time or want to visit a branch and wait in line to do basic transactions. They desire more control, transparency and convenience: ‘couch banking’ is a real new trend – so, expect to hear much more about social media.


Tuesday 24th September 3.30pm-5.00pm

Future of community

Session link

In the past, people would congregate and gossip in the market square in the nearest local village. Now communities of every nature are diverse, exist offline and online on multiple platforms and devices.

Our panel will be discussing the evolution of communities and the effects on our lives as a result.


Wednesday 25th September 11.00am-12.00pm

How social are financial service call centres today?

Session link

When it comes to the social media phenomenon, financial institutions overall are poorly advised. They focus too much on marketing and sales, and usually use the wrong KPIs to measure ‘success’. While it’s extremely rare now to find a bank or insurance firm without some kind of Facebook and Twitter presence, unfortunately it’s even rarer to find a financial institution which successfully leverages the unique specificities and benefits of those very different channels.

In the last 24-36 months, social customer care has rightly become one of the most popular applications by brands, including financial services firms. Chances are that people are already having daily conversations about your brand, good or bad. This gives you a fantastic opportunity to engage and, first, identify your most vocal brand ambassadors and increase customer acquisition and, second, turn your angry customers into your champions and increase retention.


Wednesday 25th September 1.00pm-2.30pm

Future of Community

Session link

This is a repeat session from Tuesday


Wednesday 25th September 3.30pm-4.30pm

Big Conversationlists

Session link

This is a repeat session from Monday


Wednesday 25th September 6.00pm-8.30pm

Mobile, Mapping, Local search. Can advanced new maps take the lead for brands and retailers?

Session link

The Location Based Marketing Association is a international group dedicated to fostering research, education and collaborative innovation at the intersection of people, places and media. Our goal is simple; To educate, share best practices, establish guidelines for growth and to promote the services of member companies to brands and other content-related providers.

Members of the LBMA include retailers, agencies, advertisers, media buyers, software and services providers, and wireless companies. Simply put, we want to help those engaging location-based services be as successful as possible.

The event will be a mix of networking, demonstrations and panel discussion with a focus on open questions and Q&A