September Social Media News

Instagram to trial back-to-back ads 

An Instagram spokesperson has announced that they will be trialling new back-to-back Stories ads with a small portion of its users. The spokesperson also said that the primary focus will be user experience, whilst the platform’s value for advertisers will remain their second priority.

Updates to Pinterest’s visual search tool


Pinterest has gone all-in on their visual discovery tools, having updated their Lens visual search tool to help Pinners in their searches for ideas and inspiration. Pinners will now be able to use images they have taken to search via the Lens tool. Conversely, people will also be able to save photos from Lens, turn them into Pins and save them to boards.

New features for Facebook Watch Parties

New features are being introduced to improve Facebook Watch Parties for advertisers. The video option receives 8x more comments on average. Watch Party scheduling now enables you to create an announcement post where users can opt in to be notified when the party begins. It’s also adding Watch Party replays so users can watch the video later and see the discussion within the party. The option now becomes more interesting for influencer collaborations as business partners can be added to the content, allowing both parties to see the video insights.

LinkedIn announces new Skill Assessments feature

LinkedIn is rolling out a new feature which allows professionals to validate their skills by completing Skill Assessments. The new feature is in answer to research findings which showed that 76% of professionals wish there was a way for employers to verify their skills, so they stand out amongst other candidates. Early results have shown that those who complete the assessments are around 30% more likely to be hired. The assessments can be accessed through the skills section of your profile; if you pass with 70% or above a ‘verified skill’ badge will be added to your profile.

Find out more here.

Burt’s Bees #NatureBlackout

The beauty brand partnered with National Geographic in a ‘social media blackout’ dubbed #NatureBlackout to coincide with the UN Climate Summit. The darkened (‘blacked out’) content demonstrates that if nature disappears, our future may too. Once the summit ended, Burt’s Bees turned the lights back on across their social channels, calling consumers to commit to changing one small yet meaningful habit to help the fight against climate change.

Watch the campaign video here.