Our top 10 web summit talks to watch

Missed Web Summit 2018? Interested in knowing more?
Here is our teams’s pick of the 10 best talks you should watch:

Sophia the Robot in the “flesh”

How long until robots rule the World, Ben Groetzel (Singularity NET)


Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Christopher Wylie on the biggest threats to our personal data

Your privacy is compromised, what are you going to do about it? Christopher Wylie


Why being strong creatively is still important even in the new paid social landscape

Creativity and the secret of success with paid social, David Schneider (Co-Founder and EDC, That Lot), Joe Orton (Paid Social Strategist, That Lot)


What brands will look like in the future and advice to creatives, marketeers and brand owners

Designing the brands of 2050, Sairah Ashman (CEO, Wolff Olins)


How technology is extending realities boundaries

Yves Bernaert (Senior Managing Director, Accenture), Marco Tempest (Creative technologist, Accenture and NASA Jet Propulsion Lab)


How do we restore faith and commitment between agencies and clients to build the strongest creative ideas?

I’m with stupid, Susan Credle (Global CCO, FCB Global)


The era of elevators just going up and down is over, see how futuristic innovations are crucial for our cities

A Willy Wonka elevator comes to life, Andreas Schierenbeck (CEO and Chairman, thyssenkrupp Elevators)


Today’s visual culture and how technologies are enabling creatives to satisfy demand for quality content in large quantity

Above the noise: The power of visual culture, Santiago Lyon (Director of Editorial content, Adobe)


Tips to present your ideas in a better way

How to fix your shitty pitch, Christine Herron (Intel Capital), David Schneider (That Lot), Jager McConnell (Crunchbase), Mike Butcher (TechCrunch)


Tony Blair talks about his vision for the future

Tony Blair in conversation