June Social Media News

Instagram launched test for hiding Likes

Instagram has revealed they are officially testing hiding likes with select users. The account owner will still be able to see how many likes they have on their posts, but their followers will not. During his latest keynote, Mark Zuckerberg explained, “We want people to be less interested in how many likes a post gets and focus more on connecting with other people.” This presents a huge change in how the platform is used, for influencers and businesses in particular. On the one hand, it could be seen as a positive, shifting focus from the Like count to the content itself. On the other hand, it’ll become more difficult for brands to find influencers, as they won’t be able to measure their reach and engagement. 

Will the move be popular amongst influencers? Some are still going to great lengths to gain more likes, for instance, by visiting Chernobyl following the popularity of HBO’s series about the 1986 nuclear accident.

The platform has also launched song lyric stickers, where the lyrics appear as an animated sticker while the music video plays in Instagram Stories. This will add to existing musical features such as adding music to Stories and share Spotify songs with each other. 

Advertisers can now promote Pins and Videos on Pinterest 

Brands can now promote Pins and Videos on Pinterest. People use the platform to look for inspiration and are often already looking to buy. Conversion optimisation will allow business accounts to target users who are likely to take specific actions such as checkout or sign up and leads. Promoted videos can be particularly powerful for driving conversions “as it uses sight, sound and motion to demonstrate product features and benefits, Pinterest says. 

Facebook announced major redesign 

Facebook have announced that they are redesigning their channel. This includes the Messenger app where Facebook Stories will be a priority, encouraging users to share private posts here with their friends, similar to Instagram Stories Close Friends and Snapchat DMs. Their mission is to focus on Groups and Privacy, as more and more people are communicating online through private messaging, small groups and Stories. It may surprise you that 500 million people are using Facebook Stories daily, making it another powerful tool for advertisers.

LinkedIn has rolled out post reactions 

LinkedIn users can now react to posts, just like we can on Facebook. However, the emojis have been made appropriate for work-related conversations – for example you can now ‘Celebrate’ a new job announcement or click ‘Insightful’ on an interesting business article. This change is in response to users’ wanting the ability to respond to posts in more ways than a simple ‘Like’. Furthermore, the platform is no longer just for job ads, but also a powerful B2B marketing tool. 

Wildfire has won a WARC Award for the United Nations campaign

We are proud to announce that the The People’s Seat campaign for the United Nations won a WARC Grand Prix in Effective Social Strategy! We worked with Grey London and WPP teams on this fantastic campaign. Its huge impact was enabled through great insights uncovered by social listening and distributed via an optimised spend. 

Briefed with increasing the UN’s awareness as an active platform for change, we had to shift the UN from representation to participation to help the organisation connect with people.   

We gave the power back to the people, by launching a new seat for the United Nations Climate Change Conference, where Sir David Attenborough presented the people’s opinion in a speech, shaped by the opinions of users using the hashtag #TakeYourSeat. 

Read more about this campaign here 

For mental health awareness month, Burger King announces that no-one can always be in the mood for a ‘happy meal’. 

In response to mental health awareness month, Burger King announced that McDonald’s customers who don’t feel in the mood for a ‘happy meal’ could instead order a Whopper meal based on their mood. They can choose from the Pissed Meal, Blue Meal, Salty Meal, YAAAS Meal or the DGAF Meal. Burger King partnered with Mental Health America and launched a short film to accompany the campaign. This is just one of many great examples of the rivalry between the two fast food giants. 

Watch the short film here.

Sephora has turned the tables and asked influencers to apply for a partnership scheme 

In their latest beauty influencer program, Sephora has turned the tables by asking influencers to apply to join their first ever #SephoraSquad, much like the traditional job recruitment process. Applicants were asked to create testimonials from their followers to show how their content has truly impacted them. Over 24,000 candidates applied24 of whom have been selected, with a focus on diversity and authenticity. The chosen 24 will receive a one-year paid contract, as well as free products and the opportunity to connect with industry experts to help them further their careers. 

Carlsberg promotes negative tweet ahead of new campaign 

Carlsberg has started promoting users’ tweets slating the taste of their beer for a yet unknown new campaign. The promotion followed a similar stunt by KFC last year, where the fast food chain promoted tweets that criticised its products shortly before announcing a new recipe.