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Augmented reality ads are coming to Facebook

Facebook continues to innovate to attract more advertisers. The social media giant has announced they were testing AR ads during their last developer conference. The new newsfeed ads were developed with Michael Kors and let users try on sunglasses.
In the next few weeks, Facebook will run more tests with beauty brands Sephora, NYX Professional Makeup and Bobbi Brown as well as Pottery Barn, Wayfair, and King.

This new advertising product is part of Facebook’s wider ambition to become the first augmented reality platform. AR experiences should also soon be available in Messenger, after successful tests with Nike, Kia and ASUS.

Instagram Stories get more interactive

Instagram has recently launched a new way of interacting with followers on Instagram Stories, the question sticker. This new functionality allows users to ask a question to their followers and can be customised with different colours. To respond, followers just have to tap the sticker inside the Instagram Story and type their answer.

The new sticker is the latest Instagram Story innovation designed to create conversation between users and increase the number of Story users. Earlier this summer, Instagram also launched Music Stickers which allow users to add a soundtrack to their Story from a music library with thousands of popular songs.

Snapchat develops visual search

Snapchat is reportedly developing the visual search capabilities of its AR camera. This new functionality could enable users to interact with objects or barcodes to drive them to e-commerce websites like Amazon or other apps like Shazam.
This new function could open significant revenue streams for Snapchat and help the app get ahead of Facebook in the race to own social commerce.

YouTube embraces the vertical video trend

YouTube rolled out a new update on their desktop version to display vertical videos without the signature black bars. YouTube desktop player will now automatically adjust to computer’s screen size. This update recognises the importance of vertical video as users upload more and more videos captured with their smartphones, and advertisers are starting to catch up with the trend.
Facebook’s research (source ) also concluded that vertical videos were watched for longer than any other video format, a finding confirmed by Snapchat (source ) which said that vertical videos have 9x times more completion rates than videos shot horizontally.

Magnum opens its “Instagram ready” Pleasure Store

In the pop-up store, everything has been thought through to generate social media content; from the windows displaying giant stylised Magnums (including Alexander Wang’s and Bella Hadid’s designs) to box displays with colourful backgrounds, ensuring quality content is shared by the Pleasure Store visitors.
The ice-cream brand is also working with influencers to amplify its annual pop-up event. Selected Instagram influencers will host cooking masterclasses and people are invited to come to learn how to make Florentines with The Great British Bake Off 2016 winner Candice Brown.

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Pernod Ricard’s connected products

Pernod Ricard is using glasses and bottles to collect data from its consumers. The brand ran a test in Paris with Havana Club glasses equipped with chips connecting people to an app and allowing them to order online and access exclusive content and events in exchange for their data (name, email, country or residence and favourite cocktail). At home, the connected Malibu bottles will use their location data to suggest recipe content.

Pernod Ricard believes that the incentive of avoiding queues at the bar and at festivals is good enough to motivate consumers to share their data in the post GDPR world and aims to use the data to build lookalike audiences to target with paid media.

Nationwide and Google team up for clean energy

Google’s Project Sunroof uses people’s addresses and data such as the shape of their roof and the local weather patterns to estimate the solar panel’s monthly electricity production. Nationwide is offering all its clients loans based on these monthly estimates, essentially encouraging all clients to install clean energy in their house for free.

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