April Social Media News

Instagram now allows you to fundraise for nonprofits while live streaming

After bringing donation stickers to Stories, Instagram now lets you request donations while live streaming. The coronavirus pandemic has seen many fundraising challenges on Instagram, like the #Run5Donate5Nominate5 challenge and the #TwoPointSixChallenge.

The platform’s new feature arrives just days after TikTok launched their own donation sticker for posts and live streams. However, whilst TikTok supports select causes, Instagram gives their users the freedom to choose which charity they want to fundraise for. It’s a thumbs up from us — we can’t wait to try it out. 

Pinterest is more popular than ever with a 60% increase in searches worldwide 

Did you think you were the only one searching for interior or garden inspo on Pinterest these days? Well, you are in fact joining millions of others looking for DIY projects, inspiration and ideas on how to spend lockdown. Pinterest has stated that, compared to last year, searches on its platform have gone up by 60%, engagement has increased by 30% and the number of new pin boards by 43%.

Brands who have been contemplating whether they should use Pinterest for marketing now have one more reason to finally jump on the bandwagon and start Pinning!

Facebook launches Zoom and Houseparty competitor

Many companies are struggling with the COVID-19 outbreakHowever, video-conferencing platform Zoom and video chat app Houseparty certainly are not one of them. With consumers working and staying at home, both have seen a massive spike in sign-ups.

Naturally, Facebook is now launching a competitor product, called Messenger Rooms. The new video-calling feature allows parties of up to 50 people at a time, and users can invite their friends to join from Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram via a shareable link. Messenger Rooms started rolling out in some countries last week and will be available to the rest of the world in the coming weeks. 

TikTok’s newest ‘Shop Now’ button proves highly effective 

Levi’s, one of the first brands to have been given access to TikTok’s new ‘Shop Now’ feature, has reported high engagement and increased traffic after the trial posting. The partnership saw two influencers creating and selling their own customised denim. Brands are anticipating the official launch of the new feature which offers great potential for boosting sales amongst GenZ. 

YouTube is working on a new short-form video app to compete with TikTok

As the world’s leading online video platform, it comes as no surprise to hear that Google-owned YouTube is developing a competitor app to TikTok. The new app, called ‘Shorts’, will work in a similar way, allowing users to create and share short-form videos accompanied by licensed music from YouTube’s existing catalogue.

Since TikTok crashed onto the global social media scene in 2018, its popularity has continued to rocket, now boasting over 2 billion users worldwide. What started as an app for sharing lip-syncing music videos has become one of the most popular social platforms amongst Gen-Z. Will ‘Shorts’ be able to catch up with TikTok’s success? Only time will tell… 

Budweiser have rebooted their iconic ‘Whassup’ ad for lockdown

Who remembers the original Whassup advert from 1999? It was so popular that it’s been parodied in numerous films and TV shows, such as Scary MovieFriends and The Office, just to name a few. Over 20 years later, it’s back — with just a few minor tweaks to make it relevant to current social-distancing measures. The actor in the opening scene now says, “In quarantine, having a Bud.” instead of “Watching the game, having a Bud. Ending with the message ‘Buds support Buds. Check on Yours’, it’s a reminder for people to check in on their friends during lockdown. This is a great idea from Budweiser, resurrecting their iconic 90s ad to deliver a very important and relevant message today.

Watch it here

IKEA Israel released a digital Stay Home catalogue with activities to keep children busy 

Their stores had to close due to coronavirus regulations, but IKEA Israel found a fun way to keep families occupied at home. They turned their much-loved catalogue into a children’s workbook filled with games and colouring-in pictures, many of which feature real IKEA products. So, parents can keep their kids entertained whilst also browsing furniture! 

Advertising during a pandemic: brands are shifting their focus from sales to purpose 

The impact of COVID-19 is currently on everyone’s lips, with many retailers forced to not only shut their shops but also their websites, workers losing their jobs and widespread uncertainty as to when this pandemic will end 

Whilst our social feeds are inundated with ads for loungewearhome office furniture and on-demand streaming platforms, some brands have now shifted their focus from sales to purposeful brandingAfter all, consumer purchasing power is far from where it was this time last year. Due to enforced lockdown, social browsing has increased (Facebook by 53%, Instagram by 32%) but many users are not looking to buy in these times. 

Now more than ever, theres an expectation for brands to prioritise the health and security of their employeessuppliers and customers. Of course, many of them have communicated this in their latest TV and social ads, but this doesn’t necessarily mean short delivery times or cheap offers. Brands are now able to really make a difference and build their image by providing services for free, on a digital platform. 

Take Bushmills Whiskeyfor example. They’ve started hosting interactive classes on social media that explore the parallels between whiskey-making and specialist crafts, such as charcuterie, teamaking and even candlemakingBurger King went down a similar route, sharing recipes for their most popular burgers, so fans could create the signature flavour at home using supermarket products. Booze brands like BrewDog and Jägermeister have started producing hand sanitiser to fill the shortage and help keyworkers stay safeFast food chain Chipotle realised that the need for social contact was important to their customers. They made sure that those feeling lonely had someone to talk to by partnering with Zoom to host hangouts with celebrities. 

Activities that bring true value will create lasting brand memories and are a great opportunity for brands to really make a difference.  

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