Checkout - buy from brands without leaving instagram

April Social Media News

Instagram launches end to end shopping solution

Users will now be able to buy items without leaving the app. “Checkout with Instagram” was launched last month in the US, starting with brands like Adidas who can now sell directly without taking customers to their website.

This opens a new revenue stream for Instagram who will take a fee and each sale. The checkout button is currently only available for organic posts and will be made available to other brands in the next few months. As Mark Zuckerberg has declared commerce on of the priorities of his 2019 roadmap, we could expect Facebook to be the next platform to launch this feature.

Discover TikTok, the new app seducing Gen Z

The Chinese app allows users to create 15 second videos and edit them using a range of tools, including AR filters, stickers, and sync them with almost any song you want. Some users say it’s simply full of cringe-worthy videos of people lip-syncing and dancing, whilst others credit it to some of the best viral content they’ve ever seen. TikTok is currently in the top 3 free apps in the App Store, and with the likes of Jimmy Fallon even using it for a new segment on the Tonight Show, could it have the potential to become the next big thing?

Nike launches its first IGTV campaign

Instagram launched IGTV in June 2018, allowing users to post videos up to 10 minutes long. For larger accounts and verified users, videos can be up to an hour. For brands, this is a great feature to take advantage of, as Instagram Stories are limited to 15 second per clip. As part of Nike’s new bold content strategy, the brand has been documenting personal stories of ordinary, everyday athletes. Their first ever IGTV video starred Maynor De Leon on his journey to lose 500 pounds – a real-life experience combining sport and inspiration.

Facebook is testing CTA on stories

Fewer people are visiting Facebook Pages nowadays, so Facebook has been testing the use of CTA stickers. This allows users to click ‘Shop Now’, for example, without having to visit the Page itself. This also enables businesses to add a CTA without having to rely on paid promotion. It’s going to take more than this to match the popularity of Instagram Stories, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction.

LinkedIn carousels, a new opportunity for brand storytelling

Carousel Ads have proven to be a very successful tool for marketers to combine story telling with link click initiatives. LinkedIn is the latest platform to integrate this feature for B2B marketing, which offers multiple visuals and links that users can swipe through horizontally on their feed. Carousel ads have already proven to be highly engaging and offer increased click-through rates.

Campaign of the month: Aldi enlists gamers help to restore family mealtimes

Aldi has launched an online service for parents whose children refuse to quit their game to join the dinner table. Parents can sign up via the website or Facebook by giving their child’s gamer ID and the date they want to enjoy a family dinner. The professional gamers hired by Aldi will defeat the kids and teenagers and encourage them to put the controller down.

Aldi’s data revealed that 38% of British children refuse to sit down at the family dinner table, with more than a quarter of UK parents blaming online gaming for this phenomenon.

The campaign targeting parents hasn’t received the warmest reception from the gaming community with Sujoy Roy, the UK’s first professional gamer, telling Esports News UK this idea shows that Aldi is out of touch and parents should be encouraged to take interest in their children games rather than stop them playing.

Watch the video here.

Cadbury partners with for Easter Egg hunt

Easter is a busy time for chocolate producers and Cadbury has teamed up with do deliver a once in a lifetime experience to their fans. The travel website has hidden a White Cadbury Creme Egg on its website which fans are asked to find in order to win an overnight stay in a bespoke Creme Egg space.

Honda recruits real customers to star in ad campaign

Honda recruited five Honda owners and offered them the chance to try the new CR-V Hybrid six months before its launch. Their impressions and reactions were used as a base for the script, focusing the campaign on people who love Honda rather than on the car. On digital, viewers can learn more about the five Honda fans with personal portraits.

Watch the video here.