Facebook Story Bump

10 things you need to know about Facebook’s new News Feed

The average person on Facebook could potentially be exposed to 1500 stories per day on their newsfeed.

Up to now, Facebook’s Edgerank has been the algorithm used to determine what the most important stories are to a user. Facebook employ a lot of people to try to keep you hooked for as long as possible by making the feed more relevant to you.

“Story Bump” is a new algorithm to make sure you read and engage more on the platform.  Alongside “Story Bump” are “Last Actor” and “Chronological By Actor”. Here are 10 things you need to know about Facebook’s revamped Newsfeed:

  1. “Story Bump” will show you News that you have not seen even if it is not very recent so that you can catch up on relevant content.
  2. If a story is interesting to many of your friends, it will be “Story Bumped” up your News Feed so that you don’t miss out on what your friends are talking about or engaged with.
  3. Initial analysis of “Story Bump” has shown that it has increased engagement by 5% compared to the previous News Feed.
  4. There has been an 8% boost for brands and public figures since “Story Bump” was introduced.
  5. 70% of Stories now get read compared to 57% previously due to “Story Bump”.
  6. “Last Actor” looks at the last 50 people you have been checking out on Facebook and will show you more of their content in your News Feed in the short term.
  7. “Chronological by Actor” keeps you’re friend’s Twitter style minute by minute status updates in time order e.g. kick by kick commentary of a football match
  8. Overall the new News Feed algorithm aims to prioritise the top 300 stories from the 1500 story average relevant to you.
  9. 30,000 signals make up the balance in the new News Feed algorithm.
  10. The News Feed team meet every Tuesday to brainstorm new changes and test internally before rolling out the best features to the public.

The biggest test for Facebook will be the employment of click farms artificially “Bumping” up posts via fake engagement. Hopefully the 30k signals that are used in the News Feed algorithm should cancel out these irrelevant clicks. Similar click farms have devalued Facebook page likes over the last few years.

Although engagement is up, will people really want to only read posts that their friends like? This drift into Reddit territory also makes their recent hashtag search fairly irrelevant. Hopefully over the coming months, Facebook will address these concerns, but for now, I will be sharing what my friends share most on Facebook as that is all I can now see in my News Feed!