The 10 Principles of Open Business

The 10 Principles of Open Business

The Social Partners’ David Cushman has a new book out on January 28, 2014 (Feb 25 in the US).

It’s titled: The 10 Principles of Open Business – Building Success in Today’s Open Economy – and is written with Jamie Burke.

“This book is an exciting rallying cry for the future business; one that is a productive collaboration between customers and the businesses which seek to earn their loyalty.”

-Matt Atkinson, Chief Marketing Officer, Tesco

The demand from customers for transparency, trust, and collaboration is driving change. There has never been a more important time for businesses to open up and partner with all; finding new partnerships with other businesses, creating new services in collaboration with customers, and sharing their assets in a way that creates new innovation.

The 10 Principles of Open Business looks at the epoch-making shift happening around us and examines why ‘openness’ is a key factor for the future of our organisations.


According to IBM’s CEO survey in 2012, companies that outperform their sector are 30% more likely to identify ‘openness’ as a key factor in their success; and companies are 50% more likely to outperform their rivals and grow sustainable profit following this approach.

The book includes case studies and interviews from leading proponents; a preface by the Chief Marketing Officer of Tesco, interviews with Editor of The Guardian Alan Rusbridger, former UK Defence Minister Tom Watson and presidents, VPs and CEOs of international blue chip companies and ground-breaking start-ups.

The 10 Principles of Open Business is a serious, challenging, wide-ranging and practical guide to organisational design for the twenty-first century, covering essential topics such as Crowd Funding, Co-Creation, Open Data, Transparency, Open Innovation and more.  This book provides the tools to work towards becoming a truly Open Business.

List price: £19.99. Published by Palgrave-Macmillan.

David Cushman is Strategy Partner at The Social Partners. Previously he co-founded Open Business consultancy 90:10 Group and was digital development director at Bauer Media. He is a former journalist, writing for the FT, Wall Street Journal, Marketing Week and Admap, and has presented keynotes around the world. He is a permanent member of the Financial Times Judgment Call panel, a member of the World Economic Forum on collaboration and copyright and a trustee of Citizens Online – a UK Charity which aims to ensure no-one gets left behind by the internet revolution.

He lives in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire and works in London.